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Our mission

-to develop global products and convey to the future from now.

-to enable gamers to do what is impossible in other games (MMO ACTION).

-to create a cryptocurrency with full liquidity.

Vildan Fazylov


Our goal is to develop our ecosystem in a way that will open new worlds for gamers.

Who we are

RedPad studio has extensive experience in the gaming industry. This studio works with eminent companies like Steam, Epic Games, Amazon, etc. Thus far, the studio has already completed several projects.

Cryptoeconomics has the potential for gaming communities to participate in the success of the games they love.

RedPad games - the game development studio

Dustland - MMO action survival on post-apocalyptic

Wartide Worlds - MMORPG in 7 epochs with mixed ActionRPG and RTS genres

Token information


Vesting schedule

We create a market emission. There is a limit to the volume of tokens, to prevent hyperinflation and depreciation during the early stages of Dustland's development.

In the future, when the company will develop and expand the number of products and customers, we will use a DAO treasury. It accepts the unlocked tokens of the economy (ecosystem?) From investors, gamers, and developers through a voting system.ยป

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Alpha token

RedPad Games Coin



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Binance Smart Chain

Token tracker


2021 Q3

Dustland DEMO launch

Game pre-sale 1 mln users

Launch token RPGC

2021 Q4

Token generation Events

Crypto Exhibition

New chains integration

2022 Q1

Dustland Closed Beta test

Increase Market Cap events

Governance stage IEO

Game generation event

2022 Q2

PRGC public sale

Marketing campaign

2022 Q3

"Dustland" realease

RPGC Listing

2022 Q4

Mobile release

Our Team

Vildan Fazylov

Founder & CEO

Yevgeniy Neverov

Founder & General Product Officer

Abzal Mynbaev

Legal partner

Andrey Petrovski


Alexey Kirillin



We support projects that aim to provide easier access to the energy sector. We also provide education and help with subsequent employment for underprivileged children.

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