The first AAA GameFi that combines gaming and crypto
Our goal is to develop our ecosystem in a way that will open new worlds for gamers
The main idea is to give our customers the opportunity to earn money by playing our games and act as investors. We aim to create a bridge between beginners and advanced esports players.
To revolutionize global gaming experiences, offering unprecedented possibilities in MMO* action. To establish a dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem with seamless liquidity and effortless asset conversion. To lead the industry, shaping the future of gaming and finance with innovative solutions.
*MMO - massively multiplayer online games
To develop and manage ecosystem in a way that will open new opportunities for gamers and investors
To become the number one in fast growing market of MMO-games with GameFi mechanics
RedPad studio has extensive experience in the gaming industry. This studio works with eminent companies like Steam, Epic Games, , etc. Thus far, the studio has already completed several projects.
coming soon 2023
Dustland is a highly-immersive multiplayer action game that offers players a beloved survival gameplay cycle. With plans to expand into a multi-layered post-apocalyptic world, Dustland aims to provide a captivating experience that rivals watching a series.
coming soon 2024
Wartide Words is an ambitious product at the crossroads of the most demanded and profound genres, allowing players to seamlessly switch between strategic map management and first-person control of specific units based on their interests and circumstances.
We create Initial Circulating Supply. It is limiting the volume of tokens to prevent hyperinflation and depreciation at an early stage of development.
In the future, when the company will develop and increase the number of products and customers, we will use Treasury.
RPGC — token implemented on BEP-20. For tokenomics improvement and listing on exchanges
We are planning to have a share of around 1.5% of the MMO games market by 2028, with an estimated value of $1 bln. We aim to double it by 2033.
2022 Q3
  • Marketing company starts
  • Strategic Fulfill Private Round: attract partners and advisors
Token RPGC
  • Marketing events
  • Staking for Early Investors
    2023 Q1-3
    • Marketing campaign launch
    • Game launch on the PC
        2023 Q4
        Token RPGC
        • Release Game Start Play and Earn Segment
        • Buy Back Early events 30% from Games Sales
        • IEO Game Marketplace
            2024 Q1-4
            • Console version launching
            • Mobile version launching
                2025 Q3
                • Dustland launch
                WarTide Worlds
                • Marketing campaign launch
                • Launch on the PC
                • TGE
                Cube Game
                • Marketing campaign launch
                2025 Q4
                • VR Game
                WarTide Worlds
                • Console version launch
                Cube Game
                • Marketing campaign launch
                2026 Q1
                WarTide Worlds
                • Mobile version launch
                Cube Game
                • Cube Game launch
                  We aim to reach by launching new game products and creating crypto tokens to accompany these launches.
                  Vildan Fazylov
                  Yevgeniy Neverov
                  Alexey Kirillin
                  Andrei Petrovski
                  Head of the crypto department
                  Kirill Scherba
                  Kristina Belle
                  Tatyana Shatskaya
                  Dimitrius Kubko
                  Blockchain Analyst
                  Paulina Chu
                  Business Assistant
                  Maria Tedderson
                  Marketing Assistant
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